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Scanning for performance traits in animals has become a significant on farm measuring tool.

Eye Muscle Scanning is best done on farm individually with around 8-12 months of age measurements taken for live weight –LW.

Eye muscle width-A
Eye muscle depth-B
Fat depth-C

Eye Muscle Area (EMA) is calculated using the eye muscle width (A) and depth (B).

A higher predominance is given to eye muscle width (A) because it is more heritable while eye muscle depth (B) is influenced by environment factors.

The muscle to weight ratio figure is calculated to help breeders identify sheep with more meat, thus resulting in higher yielding carcasses which will then be far more profitable.

Loin measurement will identify lambs which have good body length and are well muscled along with selecting for good even fat cover (C)
Fat is very important especially for doing ability and lamb survival along with maintaining body condition especially in all four seasons throughout the year.

When selecting rams look for squareness good width down the spine with good fat cover, bone and structure.

Rick Power
Australia’s only StockScan and SGA Acredit