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Boudjah Ewes

Paternal grand daughters of One Oak National

Ewes by Glendonald

Half sisters to wethers in Cavern Station sire evaluation

These photos were taken in June 2019 at Doolondondale.

Ewes displaying 8 months of wool

Ewes by Snowy Plain/Yarrawonga

Ewes by One Oak 304 son

1st Cycle Ewes.

Approximately 15 years ago I heard Mr Bruce Farquarson speak at a function at Cooma Rural.

Bruce was a Veterinarian employed by MERIAL Australia.

His presentation was in regards to the pressure Drench Companies were faced with in developing next generation sheep drenches in response to increasing worm resistance.

The presentation was suggestions for ON FARM management practices to combat worms.

The major management change  he suggested, based from his research, was to implement  joining Merino ewes for 21 days only.

  • with adequate healthy rams *85 % of ewes conceive in the first 21 days.
  • A 21 day lambing period enables
  • Lambs born within 21 days are” better covered’’ from pre lambing drench.
  • Shorter lambing period provides smaller lambs for pick up at marking.
  • Earlier drenching and rotation of paddocks.
  • Better management for weaning.
  • Better feeding management for drought or marketing.
  • 1st Cycle ewes repeat themselves into their next generation daughters.
  • Lambs born in the 2nd cycle are born into increasingly contaminated paddocks and from birth ingest worms which has a negative  impact on their lifetime production. 
  • He referred to 2nd cycle lambs as 2nd cycle whole of life worm burdens.
  • His suggestion if 2nd cycle joining was required was to use black Suffolk rams .
  • Easy to identify, Most farmers prepared to wean into the sale yards and if retained on farm they would leave your farm for better pasture elsewhere.

With single sire joining it is risky to join for 21 days without back up.

A different color tag is the management option I use for smaller/later lambs at marking.

Bruce’s closing comment was 1st CYCLE EWES JUST DO IT.

e.g. My Doolondondale ewes 2019.

Single sire for approximately 21 days, then back up rams for approx. 9 days.

507 scanned including 254 maidens.

490 scanned in lamb by MG sheep scanning service.

17 dry included 8 maiden ewes.

Michael Green.        Boudjah Merinos.